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100% polypropylene panel with honeycomb technology in its surfaces and core.

Fynocore®, due to its physical and mechanical characteristics, provides lightweight, strength and impermeability benefits, among others, resulting in competitive advantages in product development for the automotive, packaging, construction, display, transportation and aerospace industries.​

In the Automotive Industry, our certifications, processes, manufacturing technology and material quality help us comply with the industries’ high-quality standards, allowing us to manufacture:

Fynocore automotriz

1- Floor lining
2- Door panels
3- Trunk floors and spare tire cover
4- Seat backs and compartment dividers

In the field of construction, we provide alternative materials for a longer-lasting, stronger formwork that is not affected by moisture. Cimbracore® works well for facades with several applications, as well as for the construction of dividing walls.

In Industrial Design, our products provide infinite possibilities for the BTL marketing industry, providing solutions for stand and display design and production. We manufacture materials with very specific molding, durability and resistance characteristics, making us your best allies in manufacturing home and office furniture.

For storage or transport packaging of various products, we provide a wide variety of materials for the production of folding boxes, offering great stability and strength, as well as the material required to build multiple-use containers and dividing panels to optimize area distribution.

Fynocore aplicación páneles construcción


Fynocore aplicación paneles trenes y aviones

Industrial Design

Fynocore aplicación caja



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