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We evolved our processes, invested in new technologies and, in order to strengthen our innovation and creation spirit, reinvented our brand.

L├şnea de honeycomb

We reinforced our commitment and found new challenges IATF 16949 certification ESR certification First Honeycomb production line installed in Latin-America.

We migrate to the manufacture of 100% virgin acrylic thread

Decopanel muestras

The innovation and the continuous improvement of our processes, resulting in our new product, which leads us to venture into the design, architecture and interior design industries.

We began producing regenerated cotton yarn.

Modernization and professionalization of the automotive carpet manufacturing, becoming the supply leader in this industry.

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ISO-TS certification was obtained.

We began manufacturing substrates for the automotive industry, including carpet backing. This led us to seek the ISO TS certification to work with such industry.

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We began regenerating fibers to manufacture specialized blankets and felts.

Fynotej - We are fibers, not fabrics!

We are a family business born in 2001 as part of the Mexican textile industry. At the beginning, we were mainly engaged in the process of regenerating textiles and nonwoven fabrics for the production of moving pads, as well as several specialized felts. After several years of experience with the latest equipment and a specialized technical and operational team, we were able to manufacture other substrates for the automotive industry, including more technical fibers for more complex processes, and finally produce comprehensive solutions, from carpet backings to carpets, always complying with the most rigorous quality standards.

"After several years of experience with latest equipment, and a specialized technical and operational team, we were able to manufacture substrates for the automotive industry "

Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement. – Henry Ford.

The specialization obtained during this evolution process led us to obtain the ISO TS 2008 certification, endorsing us as specialized suppliers for the automotive industry. Thanks to this certification, we increased our line of products, evolving into the production of automotive carpets for major national and international customers.

After some time manufacturing regenerated cotton yarn, using regenerates textile fibers, and in order to add value to our production lines, we migrated into new technologies with better profits, venturing into the production of 100% virgin acrylic yarn for the textile industry, servicing markets for the production of acrylic spandex, fabrics for school uniforms, and socks, among others.

Later on, and with the implementation of new technologies, we were able to create a noise reduction panel manufactured with PET recycled fibers, under de Decopanel® brand, which led us into architecture, design and interior design.

By 2018, thanks to our processes and good practices, Fynotej was certified as a Socially Responsible Company (ESR), making us even more committed with our institutional values.

In our search to continue on the innovation path to create new high technology products, the first polypropylene honeycomb production line in our plant was installed under the Fynocore® brand. With this product, we intend to break the paradigm in the provision of materials for several industries, such as the automotive, construction, packaging, and furniture, among others.

As a result, we have extended our business model. Today we have the following brands and product lines:

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