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A new alternative for apparent formwork.

We have developed the ideal formwork for constructions that require an apparent finish, more uses and less waste during the process.

Cimbracore® provides a lightweight, strength, 100% apparent finish, and compatibility with several types of architectural concrete. As it is a non-absorbent material, a release agent is not required, and the concrete does not react with the formwork, resulting in a finish with an even color and consistency.

Due to its manufacturing quality and material, Cimbracore® can be used up to 20 times, depending on the element, construction process and care during the work.


– Easy to transport and handle
– Tailor-made panels, reducing time and waste
– Apparent finish (completely smooth)
– No release agent required
– Prevents moisture build-up
– Does not swell
– Longer service life, up to 20 uses
– 100% recyclable

– Panel weight: 12 kg
– Size: 1.22 m x 2.44 m
– Width: 5 mm and 30 mm
– Packaging: 35-piece pallets
– Option for specific sizes and transportation according to customers’ request.

– 100% polypropylene

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