Welcome, we are Fynotej.


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We move your business and expedite your deliveries.

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions.

WWe specialize in ground transportation services for any type of goods, always with the priority of providing competitive prices to our customers and guaranteeing that your goods will arrive at their destination on time and in perfect conditions.

We carry out our transportation services in our own units, selected according to the weight and volume of the transported product.


Kaltran Team

Highly trained and motivated professionals, with wide knowledge and experience.

We have all the resources required to make our customers most advanced projects become a reality. We create solutions marked by their innovation, creativity, and quality, allowing all customers to improve their business processes.

  We are much more than a means of transportation for your goods:
  • Savings in logistics
  • Safety for your goods
  • Total control of shipments
  • Technical advice
Contact: Iyaín Caballero

ext: 8207

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