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New image, new technologies and better processes!
In 2018, we became the only Polypropylene Honeycomb supplier in America, and we are now IAFT certified in non-woven products for the automotive industry in Mexico and the US.
Always focused on our customers’ satisfaction
Evolution in non-wovens for the industry!
We manufacture non-wovens with the latest technology to meet the needs of the national and international markets.
We manufacture polypropylene honeycomb for the whole American Continent!
We expanded our horizons and today we are able to transform not only textiles, but also plastic materials for several industries worldwide.
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Technology, creativity, and innovation in manufacturing nonwoven products for different industries.


Lightweight and resistant panels for the automotive industry, ground transportation, aerospace, construction, display, and packaging.


High manufacturing technology for highly processable 100% virgin acrylic yarn, meeting all of the market’s needs with high quality and a great variety of colors.


Since our foundation in 2001, the evolution of our processes have made us leaders in the manufacturing of non-woven products, as well as in the manufacturing of panels with honeycomb technology for several industries.

We revolutionized automotive carpets

Designs focused on quality and durability that adapt to several vehicle models with a large range of textures and endless applications.

Panel honeycomb
Innovation in Lightweight Panels

Polypropylene honeycomb panels as an option for lightweight, resistant, recyclable and adaptable material for multiple industries.

Decopanel paneles acústicos
Design and Noise Isolation

Non-woven isolation panels, manufactured in a large variety of colors, ideal for the creation of sustainable environments.

Hilos producto y aplicaciones
Quality at Your Reach

With our high technology processes, we manufacture high quality yarn for different applications.

"Through continuous work, integrity, effort and creativity, we have been able to overcome the challenges of an ever-changing market. We will keep innovating and improving every process, every product and every project to keep creating success stories."

Human spirit must prevail over technology.
– Albert Einstein.


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We take care of what is most important

We are a company committed with the environment and the future. We adjust our manufacturing processes to minimize their negative impact on the environment, by reducing non-biodegradable waste and by reusing waste in general.
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From concept to fact

Thanks to its honeycomb technology, our product can be used in the automotive, construction and industrial design industries.

Manufactured 100% with Polypropylene, Fynocore® has an exceptional strength by unit of weight compared to panels manufactured with the same material but with other technologies; thanks to its thanks to its two-sided hexagonal structure core, it maintains a low weight and is up to 10 times stronger than our competitors’ products, resulting in a unique resistance and better finishes in its multiple applications.



If you have a project in mind, our sales team is ready to help you; together we will find the best solution.

Moisés Kalach Alfie
Gerente Comercial para Automotriz y Decopanel®
5861 8030 Ext. 8038
55 4080 6931

Mario López
Gerente de Ventas Hilaturas Fynotej®
5861 8030
55 4080 6991


Fabiola Carbajal
Gerente de Ventas Fynocore®
5861 8030 Ext. 8211
55 4848 4106

Erika Villagómez
Asistente Comercial
5861 8030 Ext. 8212


Our commitment with the environment.

From recycled fibers, to yarns and honeycomb panels; Fynotej® is always improving the use of recycled raw materials. Our company is committed to the environment, and we always go that extra mile to offer you environmentally friendly products with cutting edge technology.



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